Quality Teaching and Maximum Learning

Radford promotes high achievement by developing a learning culture that encourages a love of learning. We aim to provide pupils with teaching to the highest quality, which meets their needs and recognises their individual abilities and styles as well as the requirements of the National Curriculum.

Every class will have children with different abilities and needs. Each lesson therefore has to be planned carefully to ensure that it meets the needs of every child. Lessons are differentiated to suit all abilities. Learning objectives and outcomes are shared with the children and an explanation of what they need to do to achieve them. Teaching staff strive to make the learning multi-sensory and active using different teaching and learning styles.

(We remember 10% of what we hear, 20% of what we see, but 90% of what we hear, see and do!)

We aim to develop broad, balanced and exciting curriculum that is inclusive and relevant to the needs of our children; a curriculum that inspires and empowers our children with a global and local perspective.

Our positive Behaviour Policy has at its core, the ‘1, 2, 3 Magic’ strategy. When children display positive behaviours and attitudes they are rewarded with stickers, certificates and golden time. Unacceptable behaviours are met with two warnings that lead to time out and reflection. We have found this approach to be very successful especially when applied across the school and at home.

We aim to provide a consistent and caring learning environment which has high standards of discipline and encourages mutual respect, communication, co-operation and self discipline in order to develop positive relationships.

Our Vision & Core Values

At Radford Academy our approach to learning aspires to academic excellence in an inclusive and nurturing

supportive environment and in helping all pupils to develop their talents, creativity and leadership skills so they achieve their potential as responsible global citizens of the future.

Our Motto

‘Working together to Learn, Aspire, Achieve’ is at the foundation of everything we do

Our Aims

We have ten school aims which are vital to our success, we believe they are highly achievable when staff in partnership with Governors, pupils, parents work together

1. Provide quality teaching and maximum learning.

2. Monitor progress regularly

3. Provide an inclusive curriculum

4. Foster positive self discipline

5. Instil high expectations

6. Promote pupils rights and responsibilities

7. Promote equal opportunities and community cohesion

8. Develop positive home/school relationships

9. Create a professional learning community

10. Provide a supportive environment


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